Canoes/Kayaks/Tube Rentals
From Lordville, NY – 8 miles

We prefer to transport groups earlier for our long trip

Trip Time = 4hrs

Be prepared with food, water, and clothing

In the Spring Season the water is colder and higher, taking less time with more rapids, it is recommended that you prepare for cold water recovery with proper gear.

Kayaks: $52.00 per person
Canoes: $52.00 per person = $104.00 per boat

From Long Eddy – 2 miles

Trip Time

Canoes/Kayaks = 45 minutes
Tubes = 2.5 hours

Kayaks – $32.00 per person
Canoes – $32.00 per person = $64 per boat
Single Person Tube – $32.00 per person
Cooler Tube – $20.00 with bag of ice included

We will transport your tubes for $20.00 per person

$20 per jacket rental or paddle rental with a credit card on hold until returned

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